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    Please help I need a puppy!

    My mom wants a dog that does not have long hair,not a hunting dog(as we have turtles)and it should be small.

    Please help!
    I`ve been longing for a puppy to give me extra company when my turtles sleep in the evening!
    Animals always become best friends.

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    need a puppy.
    is there a particular breed or minimum age?
    i ask because we have an 8month staff waiting for a home.(rescue but no fee asked for)

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    There is no specific age but it should be toilet trained.
    and not too old.
    sorry but we won`t be getting the dog this year, maybe at the end of the year :cry:
    Anyway can you show me a picture of it!
    Honestly I don`t mind any dog because I like all sorts of animals.
    I was planning to get a dog from the kennels.
    Animals always become best friends.

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    when your ready visit,i post some of our dogs on there as do many other uk rescues. :)

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    Thanks a lot for your help I`ll let you know when we get a puppy! :D
    Animals always become best friends.



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