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    NE TN Collie Mix on Death Row - Can You Adopt?

    I am trying to find a home for a darling collie mix who is on death row in NE Tennessee. She weighs approx. 25-30 lbs, is about 4-5 yrs old and has a wonderful disposition. She looks like a collie but is smaller and is quiet, gentle and loving. She has been in the shelter since 12/30 and time is running for this poor stray who was left when her owners picked up and moved. She was living under an abandoned house and being fed by nurses in the office next to it. The weather was getting bad and we were afraid she would go into heat which would further complicate matters. We already have 4 German Shepards and they aren't likely to accept a new kid at this point. Can anyone help? I am willing to help with transportation. I have attached a photo and have more if you want to see them. Thanks for anyone's help!

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    Good luck finding her a home. Sounds like she's a sheltie mix though because of her size.

    I know someone in Tn that is looking for a dog but the more I talk to her the more I realize she doesn't need another animal. Wish I could help though. She is a cutie. Perhaps look into collie rescues.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    Hi Salem Witch Child,

    Thanks for your response. I know a few "collectors" myself and certainly do not want her to go to one of them. We don't know if she's a small collie mix or a large sheltie mix but she's a beauty.

    We are keeping our fingers crossed - she is the favorite of the people at the shelter and they are trying to spotlight her. She will be one of the 4 pets featured in the Morristown Tribune on Thursday and I pray that a wonderful dog-loving person adopts her.

    The collie resuces I have contacted tell me they are full with full-blooded collies so they can't help.

    Thanks again!

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    Have you found a home for this dog yet?

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    NE TN Collie Mix on Death Row

    Good Morning - No, we have not found a home for this darling spirit yet. People have contacted me stating that she is probably a Sheltie Mix because she's small. If you have any questions, she is now #3 at the Morristown Hamblen County Animal Shelter 423-733-2514. I am more than willing to help with transportation so she can find a good home. Thanks for your inquiry.


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    I will try to help you by telling my friends hope it works :(
    Good luck on finding a home for her.
    Animals always become best friends.

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    NE Tn Collie on Death Row

    Thanks and many blessings for being there for those who cannot speak for themselves. Wish I could win the lottery so I could put this 100 acres to use helping all these poor dogs and cats. But for now - it's a great wildlife refuge and it's pretty special to see deer down at the pond and salt lick and a myriad of other critters. Her photo was in the paper tonight and they are calling her Flower which is a good name.

    I'll post as soon as she's adopted which I hope is real soon.

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    Can you post some more pictures of her?

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    NE TN Collie Mix on Death Row

    Hi Kerry,

    This is new to me but, for some reason, I cannot add an attachment to a reply. Can you tell me how I can do this? I am very grateful for all your help.


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    Jeanne, Not sure what you mean - when you make a post, just add attachments the same way tyou did the picture above. Click BROWSE when replying and select the file off your hard drive.

    Can you also tell us more about this dog?
    Pros? Cons?
    Problem behaviors?
    Does she get along well with other dogs?
    Any health issues?



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