Hello, new to the board. I have three cats, the original two who have been with us since they were kittens Sophie and Sammy, sister and brother. And we adopted a stray, who after taking to the vet it turns out had already been neutered as well, at an early age (so the vet tells us), he also tells us our new cat is about the same age as ours. We've dubbed him Fluffy, because he's a long haired european moggy.

Anyway, awhile, and I mean awhile, not straight away, we caught Sammy spraying in my parent's bedroom. Sammy and Fluffy have never gotten along, either, but we've never had any serious fights, one or the other have pounced or chased one another from surprise, but this never lasts beyond that time. Sophie on the other hand, is as good as gold, though she dosen't get along with Fluffy, she tolerates him, merely warning him to keep his distance if he should come too close.

Now, we had two more spraying incidents, one not long after the first, in my bedroom, culprit unknown, but I suspect Sammy. These were about a year, if not more ago, the new moggy has been with us for quite awhile. And now a third spraying happend, in my study, on my games cabinet of all things (Bah, the smell!). Again, no one caught in the act, I'd presume it was fluffy, since my study is his favourite room to doze during the day. Sam is rarely in here, save to visit me, for this reason.

Now, as said, these cats have known each other a long time now, I'm not sure if they'll ever get along, but I'd like the spraying to stop, the simple solution would be to keep all the mogs out, perhaps with the exception of Sophie. They were all neutered at a young age, so it perplexes me that I could have two cats who fall into the other 10% who spray after being neutered (as mentioned in some articles here.) Any advice? Me and my parents all work, so it's hard to spend hours a day separating them. I think it's a lot to hope for that Sam and Fluff get along, so for now I just wish the spraying would stop, but I'm reluctant to ban Fluffy from his favourite retreat.

Thanks in advance, sorry if this is kind of long.