:( I was given an 8 year old cat about 8 days ago and he settled in well.
Too well. He ignores me, or runs from me and hides under the bed all day.
He avoids everyone and just wants to be alone. He comes out to eat when everyone is in bed or away. He used to curl up with me on my bed.
I am very depressed, this is not what I wanted from a cat. His last owner said he was an outdoor cat and I have shown him the door but he doesnt want to go out.
He went for a short walk and since then will not go out again.
I am depressed and dissapointed in him. He is settled but lets me know the service is just not good enough! What can I do? Accept it?

:( Beau ran away despite everything we did to help him adjust.

:D I was giveen a little girl kitten for christmas which we have named Maicha (pronounced May-sha) She is absolutely delightful and mischevious. We believe she is the purrfect cat for our home.