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    Farewell to Sweet Rex

    My dog, Rex, died today.
    He was a rescue, and I think he knew it. He was so happy and content to be in our lives all these years. He NEVER asked for anything..never begged for food, or pushed to be pet, or even asked to go out...he would patiently just wait for us to invite him over and then he would gladly be pet, go out or take a tidbit. He was so non-demanding we started calling him Our Invisible Dog because you didn't even know he was in the room, he was so quiet and thoughtful.

    Well he has been sick for the past two weeks, the vet said it would be a matter of days. My husband was away though and Rex was more "his" friend, so Rex and I "talked" and he let me know he would wait. Eight days later my husband came home and Rex greeted him like a puppy.

    He lasted about a week more and we decided that we would put him down this morning. It was such a hard decision, but it was time. ..

    But Rex had one more giving, selfless act in him.

    He died last night in his sleep, in his bed, in our bedroom.

    Thank you, my sweet Rex, for not making me have to put you down. Thank you for taking that pain away from me, my sweet boy.

    Say hello to Tobin, Mandi and Kodiac. They are waiting for you at the bridge.

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    oh kerry
    im sorry, its so much better when they go in their sleep but it hurts just the same.
    hugs to you and yours. :cry:

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    I'm sorry for your lose it is very hard, I'm glad you didn't have to help him though, its so much better that way. My thoughts are with you.

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    Thanks guys. He was a very sweet dog.
    The grief is tempered so much by the fact that he went at home and I didn't have to "do it". Ever the courteous dog...
    This one will be missed.

    Thanks for your compassion.

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    I know exactly how you sweet beloved dog, Bibo died 2 years ago but I could still smell her till today. She was the best dog we ever had. I loved her, mom and dad too. The whole family loved her and pampered her day in day out.

    On the night when she started urinating blood, we knew at that point that something was seriously wrong. The vet came to our house and checked on her internally. She was a strong girl.

    The vet said it could possibly be a false pregnancy or food poisoning. Since he could not confirm, we allowed Bibo to stay with us for another day so we could monitor her closely.

    The next morning when I got out of bed, I thought of her rightaway. I went to see her and there she was, lying weak and blinded on the right eye. Lack of oxygen I was told. It was the saddest picture of Bibo. I could not see her suffer anymore, so we sent her to the vet for surgery.

    Moments after she was sent to the vet, they called us and said Bibo has passed... I cried.

    I miss you most, Bibo.
    I breathe rock n roll and I am proud to be the voice for animals.

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    The most unselfish, loving, giving creatures that allow us to share time with them. How lucky we are. Also see "Can anyone help me".

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    my beloved panda

    :( i also know how you feel becuase my mom got me a pug when i was just seven months old and thats when i started walking and crawling because panda(my beautiful pug) let me hold onto her and came to me and licked my face every time i fell and she always helped me back up but when i was nine years old poor little panda died and the other dogs we had were all around her whimpering but she lived a long happy life :) with me and my family :cry:

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    I m very sorry for your loss. This is the best place to relief your pain and I know its very hard time for you. I also lost my dog last month and I really miss him. He was very punctual dog and doing all work.
    I understand your feelings. I think this is the best way to remind his memories. You should trying to feel better and be happy.
    You are in my thoughts.



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