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    i have a dilemma with rehoming.

    i have a nice man who lives by himself, hes batty about dogs and makes sence when he talks about training. my dog took to him and they got on straight away ~ i have a great dog in mind to go with this man and its a good match.
    BUT heres my dilemma. hes a recovering heroine addict currently on methadone. i have been with him to get his script and he is desperate to get it down him. i dont want to judge him based on his addiction but my worry is if i rehome with him what if he goes back to heroine, what then for his dog?
    also i have had experiance with a lurcher who belonged to a heroine addict and when the dog became restless they got the dog jacked up on heroine and so when we took him he was addicted too.

    i think the fact i have worries is good enough reason not to home there but i was going to hold on to him to see how he gets on with fighting his addiction.
    what would you do? home now? or wait? or not home there at all? :(

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    When I place a dog, any sign of doute is enough for me to say no. I never place a dog with anyone I know is having drug problems. Someone fully recovered I would have no problem, but not someone still fighting it. I would put off any adoption until you know he is clean. For the dogs saftey as much as his.

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    thats what i was thinking but i was concerned i was being too harsh but as you say its the dogs that matter.

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    Never too harsh when it comes to your rescues. I might be diffrent if he was a well known friend that you knew you'd be seeing the dog every couple days, but if you don't know him, you never know what might happen, a rescue up here just got a restraining order put on them because they tried to do home checks and the woman accused them of harrassment, so better to err on the side of caution for sure. Good luck with your rescue.

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    for harrasment?? thats barmy!
    of course any decent rescue is going to do a homecheck,wow.

    the one thing i can really say for working in animal rescue is that every time you thought youve heard it all your proven wrong.

    the last mad thing i had was a woman 'ordering' her colour choice as 'it had to match her carpet'!!!! she does not have a dog as far as i know and she will not have one through me!

    thanks for getting back to me on my man, youve said what i was thinking and put my mind at rest. he is not a friend but i do see him often. i will wait until hes clean and stable before i home with him.
    thanks again. :)

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    My pleasure, and the scary sharing of stories goes around our board all the time, thats just one of them, we get some pretty weird people, match the carpet, all my gods, thats bad. Actually we have a DNA list over two pages long of people who just can't get a clue. One person complained thirty doallars was too much for an adoption fee for a cat.

    The lady who was claiming harrassment, and there are a ton of people around here looking for guard dogs, and then there was the person who wanted a dog to adopt who claimed that dogs did not belong in houses, so hers would be tied out all day every day. Man where do these people come from? You meet some odd ones when working a rescue.

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    I understand both of your points...but sometimes maybe it is worth considering all the benefits of having a pet in your life. This man might need something to live for, something to better himself for, something to keep him on the straight and narrow. The non-judgemental total love of a dog might be just what could turn life around for him.

    Ultimately I think you need to trust your instincts in cases like this and if your gut says no, then no it is...but if your gut says yes, and the circumstances just give pause, then maybe you need to seriously think more about it.

    It all depends on the person and what your gut really tells you, I think. I know that rescues find that an unpopular opinion, but I think your gut can tell you more sometimes than circumstances...and how the dog reacts to them...

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    Here is another thing to ponder.

    The saying once a drunk always a drunk is true for drug adicts to. He will always have that desire to do drugs. It will get easier with time to reject it. But he will always have some desire for it. So you saying no now means you would say no always!

    Kerry is also right. A dog could be what helps him get through this time period. Expecially if he's alone.

    In the end I'm sure you'll do what you think is best.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child



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