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    problems after neutering

    I have two is 16 months and the other is 11 months old. We got them fixed about a week ago. Ever since my older beagle does nothing but follow the young one around and sniff where is testicles were. When we try and stop him he cries. I assumed this was normal at first but it's come to the older one doing nothing but following the young one around. He used to be a playful dog but no all he does is whatever my younger one is doing. If the younger one leaves the room he does too. He won't even respond to my commands anymore. He has even growled and snapped at my brother and I. I have no idea if these are normal side effects but any kind of input would help so much!

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    No matter what anyone says, nuturing a dog is a big detail, it throws homones all out of wack, I do suggest nuturing, it should be done, but expect a change for a little while. Hes most likely sniffing and following because he smeels the stiches and the wound and is mearly making sure its okay. Keep an eye on the site too, could be that there might be a little bit of an infection set in that your beagle smell that you don't see. They are amasing animals and have a wonderful sense of smell.

    The hormones will teeter out though and things will get back to a semblence of nomalacy, but don't try to stop him, you may be causing more stress to the situation. But try a little prompting, like a treat to get him to think about getting back to life, and discourage any unacceptable behavior such as biteing though. But give him a little more time, and you might want to attend an obediance class with him as well.

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    He might also be sniffing there because when they did the surgery they probably swabbed the dog up with something that the older dog can smell. Consider separating them for a while until the young one starts to smell more like himself...<g>.

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    Proud of you for neutering both your pets!

    As far as the behavioral issue, I believe that's all it is. The beagle just may have become more submissive to the other dog, and feels that it's supposed to be with the other dog.

    As stated before, hormones are all out of sequence, and could possibly have to do with this problem. If you are still concerned, I'd try taking him to an obedience class where he can gain more self confidence and be able to do things on your own and to start recognizing your commands again.

    The biting should be stopped too, which can be worked at while attending puppy classes.

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    It's gotten much must have been hormones. Thanks for all the advice.



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