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Thread: New To The List

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    New To The List

    Hi to all of you. I'm Lynn from SeaTac, WA. We breed and show American Eskimo Dogs. I know Kerry from way back when we were on MSN newsgroups...that's been a long time ago, huh Kerry?

    This is a nice list and I look forward to sharing and learning from all of you out there.
    Lynn McClure

    ^._.^ AngelHeart~Eskies ^._.^


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    Oh my goodness!! LYNN!!
    What a blast from the past!
    It is GREAT so see you here, just GREAT!!
    How are all the furkids?
    Where ya been hanging out?
    Still in touch with the ol' group?

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    Hi Kerry!!

    Yes, some of the folks, Leigh Ann, Tami, Ted and others have gone to a different server. I even got a chance to finally meet Leigh Ann when she came to Seattle to take an Alaskan cruise....what a treat!

    Fur kids are great, Mercy will be 9 in January, Spirit will be 8 in April, Ruby will be 8 in July, Faith will be 6 in May and our newest little girl, Hope will be 1 in April.

    Hope just surprised the heck out of us... Here is a copy of a post I sent to our club members when we got back...


    Otherwise known as Hope On A Rope aka Yo Yo, or lovingly called the "Poopster" has surprised the heck out of us!!!!!

    Denise (Langley's Mom) and I went to the last BIG UKC show of the season in Longview, WA last Friday through Sunday. We took Hope and Langely, a Mercy/Tucker boy to show in 5 out of the 6 shows offered.
    Being that it was Friday we chose to skip the first show opting to leave in time from SeaTac to make it to the 2nd show on Friday and the two shows on Saturday and Sunday.

    I was showing Hope in Breeder/Handler class, a class created for those breeders wanting to showcase their progeny while earning their Champion class title. Langley, a finished Champion was trying for a few more champion class wins to finish his Grand Champion title. Hope already had 15 points toward her 100 points needed for Champion title although she needed 3 major wins and a total of 75 more points to finish her title.

    Well, did she surprise the heck out of me...! First show on Friday she took a Best Of Winners that gave her 35 points and her first major. First show on Saturday she took a Best Female giving her 23 points and her second major under a second judge and second show on Saturday she took another Best of Winners for another 35 point under her third judge needed to earn her title. She finished her Champion title with 108 points and three consecutive majors under three different judges at the tender age of 7 months!!!!! You could have blown me over with a feather!

    Since she finished her title on Saturday night and didn't need further points I elected to move her up to Champion class competition on Sunday giving those that needed the points the abilty to do that.

    Her first show in Champion class she took a reserve Champion class win and her second show in Champion class she took the class giving her the first of five wins needed to earn her Grand Champion title!
    While I was totally astounded on what she had just accomplished I really felt bad because I was so hoping that Langely would take it.

    Langely took a reserve Champion class win on Saturday and the judge was really looking at him and the other Eskie that he ultimately gave the win to. But Denise is a gracious person and it was wonderful to have her there, we had such a great time of it all weekend...she is really a fun travel buddy and we look forward to more adventures as we show our guys in Champion class when competition starts up in the spring!

    We promptly left the show grounds Saturday night, went to Fred Myers and bought some swimwear to use in the hot tub at the motel and got a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate. We had a wonderful celebration dinner at Parker's there in Longview, went back to the motel, fed the dogs and ran to the hot tub. Nothing better than a cold glass of bubbly and a hot tub of water to take those aches and pains out of the old body after running around the ring for two days!!!! Course the next morning is a different story, right Denise???

    While its mindblowing to finish your dog in such a whirlwind fashion I'm also dissapointed because my most favorite type of showing is within the class's important training for them even when you don't win and it's great to have the class competition.

    Champion class is difficult not only because we have such exceptional animals out there and you have a large class of nine or more dogs usually, but you have to have five champion class wins with at least
    3 different can take a while to finish to be sure. And it's hard..those Eskies that we're producing are just getting better and better. Even our judges are telling us that the midwest and east coast Eskies have nothing over our Pacific NW Eskies. What a nice compliment coming from judges that truly know our breed!

    I'll post some pixs we took of her wins and a couple of informal shots that I had our photographer take when they arrive..
    Lynn McClure

    ^._.^ AngelHeart~Eskies ^._.^




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