Hello, my name is Aleksander.

I am a founder and director of one of the animal shelters which is situated in Kharkov (Ukraine). This letter is my desperate appeal for material assistance which is addressed to those people who are not indifferent to the destiny of poor stray pets – to those who have been tamed by us. Our city authorities don’t want to help us with animal management. For them it is much easier to kill these poor pets. So, at the moment mass killings of stray pets are taken place in our city – they are removed by poison and they are suffering for hours until could finally die. Our animal shelter could not take care of all the stray pets in the city. But with your help we will try to save more lives! A lot of money is spent for animal management and work of the shelter. If you are not halfhearted and really care about the destiny of poor animals please make a charitable contribution to our shelter’s account. Even the smallest sum of money can rescue one or several lives of homeless animals

Hope for your kind understanding and assistance!

Best regards,

Correspondent bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Co Americas, New York

Beneficiary bank: JSC ProCredit Bank, Kiev, Ukraine
Correspondent account #: 04416150

Beneficiary: NAME Oleksandr Dekhtyar
Account # 26257210223815