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Thread: Dog Dandruff

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    Dog Dandruff

    I live in Colorado, a pretty arid state. We got a chocolate lab puppy, anyways, since we have gotten it, its had extremely bad dandruff and the vet said its just really dry skin, is there anything I can do to help him with his itching and his dry skin??

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    Bathe him in Oatmeal Shampoo. Your local pet store should carry some. Oatmeal is great for their skin. :) Look for an oatmeal spray for inbetween bathings.
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    Tea Tree Oil is also excellent.
    Bathe him in some Tea Tree Oil a couple of times a week - with COOL, not hot or warm water.

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    Except Dog Food, how much water should I feed my little pet dog (a Chihuahua)? Should it be different in summer from in winter? Thanks for anyone’s help in advance!
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    With this information your are spoiling us. Great post, thanks for sharing.



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