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    Thelma has a loose stool and is laying around

    I am a brand new ferret owner. I bought one female a week ago and just bought another this past Saturday. Both are fairly young and are Marshall bred. My first one, Thelma, has been a blast and she is full of energy. My second one that we bought, Louise, is the same way. Today, when I got home from work, Thelma has had a runny stool and is not acting as those she feels very well. She is not running around and wants to just lay around. I haven't changed their diet or added any treats. They are kept in a 4 floor condo and have plenty of room to run around, But I keep them in a room that doesn't have any sunlight coming in. Is this a problem because I was reading on one sight that they needed lots of sunlight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    They do need sunlight, but your ferret could also have insulinoma. I would definitely QUICKLY schedule a visit with your vet.



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