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    Need help socializing with other dogs....

    Hello, this could probably be merged with my other post about submissive peeing, but I figured it could be addressed on it's own.

    Basically, my 5m/o German Shepard is about to get a crash course in Doggy Socializing and I want to do my best to help her cope with it. I have to take her with me down to South Florida where my parents live to help them clean up after hurricane Wilma. They have 3 Lhasa Apsos (Mother and two sons) a 2y/o German Shepard and a 10y/o mixed breed. The German Shepard and 10 y/o don't bother me they are very sociable, however the Lhasas gang up on other dogs and my pup is very submissive as it is. What can I do to introduce my pup to these tyrants on a level playing field? Either way I am sure that Trinity is going to be frightened at first, but they are going to have to live together for a week or so.

    Trinity has a small issue with submissive peeing when meeting dogs for the first time. I don't want to be more of a burden then help on my parents ;)
    Trinity - 5m/o PureBred German Shepard
    Snoopy - 9y/o DMH Black/White
    Pepper - 9y/o DMH Brown Tiger/Torti

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    I would introduce the older dogs to your pup first since you think they will be ok. Take them all outside where the other two dogs won't be protective of "their space". Let them get to know each other for awhile. Then introduce the other two dogs one at a time.
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    Salem Witch Child

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    thanks, that sounds like a great idea. I think I will give them a good long time with the older nice dogs, so maybe they will defend Trinity :D We'll See... :wink:
    Trinity - 5m/o PureBred German Shepard
    Snoopy - 9y/o DMH Black/White
    Pepper - 9y/o DMH Brown Tiger/Torti



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