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Thread: Cat insurance

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    Cat insurance

    I have just gotten a new little kitten, he is so sweet. I was wondering if it would be thoughtful to get an insurance for cats. They cost about $ 10 but I wonder if they are really legitimate.

    Does anybody has an insurance?

    Thanks, Caprice

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    Hi Caprice: I have medical insurance on both of my cats and I am very happy to have it. Many places offer insurance, so check out if there is a deductible you have to pay up front. I have the Banfield Vet insurance (whihc is the vets in Petsmart) and I have to pay so much each month. But paying is month is much easier for me than paying out a large amount at once at the beginning of the year--or having to pay a large deductible at the visits. I think alot depends on your budget. Take care and good luck.



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