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    help me with this cat!

    hey i resently found a cat with my girlfriend. We kept it and it is staying at her appartment because i cant bring it into my house. I have a dog, he is around 7 years old or so. My sister also has a guinea pig. I would hopefully like to end up taking the cat into my house, how could i do that safely with out hurting the pig or my dog and the cat getting in a fight?

    And also the cat is a male, i think it is somewhat young. i have no idea if it is nudered. eaither it doesnt have claws in the front at all or there really short, it has peed in my g/fs appartment a few times. umm yea so if you can give me some general tips on cats to that would be great! thanks

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    Has your dog ever been around a cat before? Does he normally chase small, quick animals or objects? Is he aggressive?

    There are many ways to SLOWLY introduce a cat to a dog. Some of them instantly like each other, but with a dog the size of yours you need to keep them completely seprated at first. Allow him to smell the cat on your clothing and other things...

    Tell us more about your dog...

    Thanks for saving this little kitty!



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