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    we owe it to them

    Being my first post, I guess I'm not sure what to write, so I'll just say what's on my mind. More than 18 years ago, I had to put my dog to sleep because he was very viscious. He was only three years old, and would bite anyone who came within reach except for me. As my vet told me, he was a one woman dog who could not be rehabilitated in any way. Being 8 months pregnant, there was nothing I could do, except to put him down. At that time, the vet would not allow me to stay in the room with him while they did the deed, so I was not able to be there with him, when he passed on. After that I did not have any dogs until about 2 years ago. That's when I found a little purebred Chihuahua roaming about in my backyard. He had a harness on, but no one claimed him. That little guy took to me so well, and I to him, I could not give him up, but after a check with my vet, I found out why (most likely) he was wandering around on his own. He had congestive heart failure, and did not have much time left. His medicines cost alot of money, but with the help of a rescue agency, I was able to foster him, until the day came he just couldn't breathe anymore, due to the fluid buildup around his heart. This time, I stayed with him, and held him in my arms while the vet gave him the shot. Recently, my beautiful cat, Pixie, that I raised from a kitten, became very ill. She was 13 years old, and only the year before, made a complete recovery from fatty liver disease (even though the specialists told me she probably wouldn't). This time, diabetes, and some underlying condition proved too much for her. Again, I held her in my arms, as the vet gave her the shot. Having to go thru this loss, twice, in so short a time, was very hard for me. What I realized, however, was that even though letting our sick pets go is very hard for us to do, we owe our beloved pets the comfort of familiar arms, and familiar voices. I still think of not being there for my Mangler, way back when, and how scared and confused he must have been when I walked out and left him there. Being there for Pedro and Pixie showed me, that our pets need us most at that time. They (most of the time) are in a strange place with strange people around them. To have them go thru this alone, is not what a responsible pet owner does. No matter how hard this particular aspect of owning animals is, we owe them the comfort of leaving this earth with their most beloved people around them. A friend I know out in CA actually had the vet make a housecall and put his little dog at rest, in his own surroundings. I wish we in MI had such a service. I believe with all my heart, that God sent Pedro to me, so I could make right, the wrong I did with Mangler so long ago. I only had Pedro for 4 months, and the pain of losing him, was no less than the pain of losing my Pixie, whom I had for over 13 years. I still have Pixie's littermate sister, Dixie, and another Chihuahua I adopted after I lost Pedro, and when their times come, I will be right there to hold them in my arms, no matter how much it hurts. I owe them that.

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    Beautiful post.
    I agree with you.
    Many people can not stay and I will allow that this is their choice...but I will never understand it. Some of my close friends and DEEP animal lovers have told me they just could not stay. I can't really understand that. Yes, it is hard. The hardest thing I have ever had to do...put my darling Tobin to sleep earlir this year and Mandi the before that...but never, in a million years, would I ever allow a stranger to do this, without holding them and talking to them and telling them how much I loved them. They gave me all of their life - devotions, love, trust and loyalty. It is the very least...the absolute very least I can do for see them out with the same love they have always shown to me.

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    pet loss and grief

    dear members, i am new here also. but i had to respond to your posts. i, too had a chihuaua mix yrs ago that had congestive heart failure. he was 16yrs old. id had him for 13yrs of that 16. when he went into a seizure, i called the vet who told me skeeter [my dogs name] would not recover this time, so i took him to be put to sleep. i couldnot stay in there with him and i have regretted that to this day. and always will. its a pain in my soul that willnot go away and i know i deserve it. but every pet ive lost since then, i have held and cried and told them over and over that i loved them till the end. and i will the next one. animals have been a very big part of my life, being alone most of my life, animals were all i had. and looking back, i was a lot better off than i realized i was! animals are a blessing to me. a part of ME and they ARE my family. my heart goes out to each of you that has suffered the loss of a pet and the pain you must endure. i know. ive been there many times. most of my pets died of old age, but the loss is still full of pain and suffering. people like us that love our pets this way must bond together and we will get thru this grief together. hoping to talk to you all soon, debbie

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    wow. Now I feel like crying. Animals are my passion. They are a part of my life. I'm sorry for your lose. I to have lost several pets. a couple to an illness, one that ran and my father never wanted to get back. <--this one a dog husky/chow mix had hip displasia. My father wanted to leave her there hoping that we would not have to be the ones to take her an have her put down. She was in very very high spirits with a very strong will to live on. Wonderful dog. I miss her so much. I don't know if she is dead or alive. She's about 17 years old. I know only have a poodle/chow mix, and a calico cat. Recently lost a sugar glider to self-mutilation. Well that's what is thought of it. On the other hand I didn't see any blood on his face. I hope to get another glider to help comfort me. I will be sure to give extra love to the new glider. I will treat her more like a child and protect her as if she were human.

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    im very sorry for your losses and i to had to lose my pet but i got to be there with him when he died . im sure mangler knows that u wanted to be there for him but ui couldnt

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    hi ajacob,

    i totally agree with you. i always want to be there, holding his legs or petting his head at this very last moment, so he doesn't feel alone in the dark.... his mom is with him no matter when.....
    Big dogs mom

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    I stayed with my Mitzie. It tore my heart out but I'm glad I did it. I can still see those painfiled eyes lokin at me and treasure the lick she gave me on my cheek as she passed. I can't remember whn I have ever cried that hard. She was only 11, a sweet,quiet,smart little Yorkie that was given to me.
    My face was the last face she saw,my voice the last she heard as I told her over and over again how much I loved her.
    It was hard on me but I would do it again. Now,if I could just get over the heartbeak of it. I feel like I lost a child. I miss her more then I have the words to explain. :cry:

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    Interesting and awesome story. It is very time when our pet becomes unhealthy. People with strong heart can endure their loss. I think we must get another pet after its death to cherish ourselves and come out of grief.

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    I always want to be there, holding his legs or petting his head at this very last moment, so he doesn't feel alone in the dark.... his mom is with him no matter when.....



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