Would like some advice. I have a 6 year old (we think) staffi cross that we got from the pound 3 years ago. She had a history of abuse which resulted in fear aggression but we worked with her and she has truly come a long way.

The one thing we can't seem to get right is her behaviour on a leash. She goes bananas when she sees other dogs and she is leashed. She will crouch down in "hunting mode" as soon as she sees them then start barking/snarling/jumping as soon as the other gets close. Trainers have told me "stay relaxed and leave the leash slack" -- not easy to do when she's tearing away, and to "keep her distracted when another dog approaches"-- haven't been able to find a way to distract her yet!

The funny thing is, if we are at the beach (her absolute favorite place) NOTHING can distract her from the water - not dogs, not other people. She's totally fine and doesn't care about other dogs.

We live in a leash-law community and seeing as she is part staffi (a breed very much under scrutiny here), letting her meet other dogs off leash is out of the question. Not too many people here obey the leash laws, so I am constantly faced with dogs running up to mine (and mine have been attacked a few times while on leash).

Any suggestions on how to work on this problem with her?
Thanks for any help...