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Thread: Training my dog

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    Re: Training my dog

    Have you tried having treats with you and everytime he starts pulling get his attention back to you by pointing to your eyes and saying "watch me". The idea is to distract what he is doing and even if he looks at you for a second, reward him with a small treat. Eventually, you will only use treats every other time and then not at all. Go to my profile and you will see a link that will guide you to become a great trainer for your dog. Thank you
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    Re: Training my dog

    hi i have that problem before well you just need to show your dog that you are the boss and not them and they will listen to you..have a nice day....

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    Re: Training my dog

    Yes we should use harness for the safety of our dogs.

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    Re: Training my dog

    My dog also used to do this thing. He almost choked himself whenever I take him out for a stroll. I wish I should have cut him loose but I couldn't because there were other people also in the park who wouldn't feel safe otherwise.

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    Re: Training my dog

    Instead of using a shock collar, you can try a vibrating collar. It is a lot less painful for the dog but still let them know that what they are doing is wrong.



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