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    Liver Cancer, hyperthyroid , my kitty TT has both of these a

    in February, the vet told me she had days to live if I took her off her meds. I took her off her meds because she wans't eating and she didn't want to come near me because I gave them to her. 7 months later she is still here with me. Lately she has started doing her BM outside her litter box. Her box is clean and I clean it out (use scoop litter) at least 3-4 times per day. She has never done this before and I've had her for 13 years. I will not take her back to the vet because she gets aso scared in the car and I won't put her though that again. I also won't be putting her on any meds. Has anyone else experienced this and caould give me some advice as to what i can do to help her or prevent her from doing this? Thanks in advance for any response!

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    OK, first of all haveing a pet with these sorts of very serious illnesses you need to do some sort of treatment. If you refuse standard meds, why not look into holistic approaches at least?

    Also, I understand the cat being so afraid of the office, but why not find a vet that will come to you at your house? My friend does this and it costs a little more, but it is VERY worth it for him, as his cats are completely calm and content to be examined at home!

    I assume yuo have not changed kitty litter and keep the litter clean? Some cats as they get older want the litter box immaculate or they won't use it....
    be sure not to change the litter you've always used, and be sure to keep it very clean and see if that makes any difference at all.

    Keep us posted...



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