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    Please Help.! Cockatiel Wing Question.!

    We are fostering 5 Cockatiels for the Local Bird Club, and we are wanting to keep 2 out of the 5 for ourselves. A white female named Kyra, and a Boy named Vadar.
    First, these guys are fairly tame, and get right on your finger in, or out of the cage. (Vadar sometimes throws a fit.. LoL)
    However, Kyra has something on her wing that I am not 100% sure of, and am actually concerned about. I wish I could take a picture, but I am posting this while I am at work.
    It's VERY difficult to explain what exactly it is, except that it's a small, hard, lump thing, that almost feels like a bone protruding from her skin. There are no feathers covering it... It's at the Front of the Wing, underneath, about Mid-Way, Right at the Front Bend of the Wing... And you can't see it when her wings are folded and next to her body, but when she opens them, and you look underneath it, you can see it clearly...
    It doesn't seem to be bothering her, but she was pushed off of the perch by one of the males yesterday(Her mate did not get there in time to protect her), and she must have hurt it on the floor of the cage, because it started to bleed a bit... I REALLY want to adopt her (and her mate), she is SOOOOOOO sweet, and SOOOO beautiful... I just don't know about that thing on her wing... (I'll have to take a pic when I get home)
    Does anyone else have any idea what I am talking about.???

    OUR FAMILY: 3 Humans, 3 Ferrets, 2 Cockatiels, 1 Dog & 37 Fish

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    I would just take her to the vet. Expecially if it is bleeding.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    take her to an avian vet as soon as poss just to be on the safe side



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