I have a 4 year old APHA stud that I just can't keep weight on. I've tried feeding him all sort of things form lowering the % of grain he gets to raising it to 16% and even tried mare and foal pellets. I also have added oats, alfalfa pellets and a couple other things (can't remeber what they where). This has been goin on since I bought him as a yearling, he was under wight then but he put some on where he was looking good and then he started to loose it again. I've had the vet check him and he couldn't find anything wrong. He's on a good worming program. He's been on sand clear, he came from a very sandy place and he ate sand like if it was food. I've tried weight builder and for the first time it didn't work. I also had him on solid alfalfa hay for a while and it didn't help. He's not being ridden. He dosn't run up and down the fence line or have anyother studdish behaviors that would cuase him being so skinny. This battle has been going on for 3 years and I just can't seem to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas?