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Thread: Skinny Horse

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    I feel worming is very important but can be over done. I feel if there is good pasture management, all horses wormed at the same time I don't feel you should have to worm as often as some one who boards and worming is done by the owner. there are things that can help min. the amount of worming that needs to be done like not spreading manure in the pasture, cleaning and cutting down the pasture having goats or sheeps to share or alternate pastures.
    but for those of use who board most BM spread the manure in the pastures or simply don't do pasture maintenance. witch makes worming very important. with out regular worming a horse can become heavy with worms and this can cause many problems. over worming can also cause probs. too. we all know about wormers becoming ineffective. over worming can do this. my conclusions is that I don't think there is a right answer to this question... but if the vet has to come out one of the first questions is when your horse was wormed last, when a horse is colicing, itchy, lose of weight, and poor coat and I am sure others.
    I think it is important but can be unnecessary i feel the spring and fall are the most importent times to worm, a cool wet summer is importent, a hot dry summer is less importent, but if a horse is in a crouded pasture....

    i dont know that is a hard one :lol: i worm every 2 months, but i board my horses out and they are pastured with a hurd and some do not worm there horses... so i feel it is importent for "them" to be wormed.

    on the other hand i have goats at home and they get wormed 2x a year start of spring, start of winter. but i control there pasture and they are worm "free" :wink:

    loved the question got me thinking why i do what i do and even though that maybe i was over doing the worming. can wait to hear what everyone else thinks......

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    I believe worming is important and have boarded as well as kept at home, but I also live in Canada where we have 3 months of snow and six of close to freezing tempuratures. The closest my wormings have ever been was 6 months, once in early spring and once in early fall. Wow every two months, thats alot for up here. Two wormings a year work great up here.

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    i live in wny we have the cold cold temps but not always if we have long periods of cold or heat. like this year i wormed less. so far this winter we have had about 3 days of the ground being frozen and scince mixed rain and snow.
    thay were wormed in the first week of oct. i am now waiting for the ground to freeze again it should in the next week or so. after that the ground "should" stay frozen till about march and i will worm again after the ground starts to defrost. we will then have on and off frezing and unfreezing till about june when it will stay wet till the end of july and then the hole thing starting again. i also board were people do not worm and they are on 24/7 pasture. the BO also spareds freash manuer over the pasture. everyone in this area worms evey 6-8 weeks and it is recomended by all the vets in this area. they also recomend the daily wormer but i think this is to much. however with the daily wormer you only use the paste 2x a year.
    but when my shelter is repared and my fences are up they are coming home!!! :D and then worming will not be evey 2 months. i really dont like putting all the cemicals in them and some times worry about it. see my delema?
    what part of canada are you from? sounds colder then here :)

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    I'm on the east coast of Canada, Nova Scotia actually, and they tell us this winter is going to be warm and rainy.



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