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    Allergic reaction

    Hi, I own a 26 year old gelding who a couple of years ago developed an allergic reaction to something we were not able to identify and he was covered in small lumps - some of which burst and there was a vivid yellow discharge. The horse was well in himself and the vet could not identify what was causing the allergy. It went as soon as it came but it is now back. I believe that I have eliminated the majority of things has anyone experienced this problem with their horse and can make any suggestions.



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    I experienced something very similar. The lumps did not ever burst, but his skin became very bumpy, swollen, etc. Also diagnosed as allergies to something he was eating in our field. Not much I could do about THAT. They took skin samples to see if it was ringworm or dermatitis, because he also had scaley skin as a result of the scabs. It was so awful. We went through this for three years, and I tried everything. It was only one part of the year that he would get it and it would last a few months. AWFUL!

    A vet finally suggested we put him on Missing Link. I did and it cleared up. I keep him on it year round now and never anothr problem. Don't ask me what is in this, it just seems to be extra nutrition and vitamins...and he is on a good feed, good grass, I dunno what to tell you. My other three horses never had a problem - only this one, but the Missing Link has totally solved it for us.

    Do not know if what you are going through is the same thing, but may be worth a try.


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    Hi Kerry,

    Thank you, I will try Missing Link and let you know.





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