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    Can anyone tell me what my dog is?

    i wandered into a pet rescue about a month ago and fell in love with this little cutie. we adopted her and she's the funniest, most playful and all-around-awesome dog i've ever known. but, we have no idea what mix she is! every time i walk her people always ask what breed she is, and i'm totally clueless.

    thought i'd post her pic here and see if any dog experts could give me a clue. she's about 12 pounds, and is full grown.


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    Looks like a big long coat Chihuahua to me.

    Could be a Papillon mix.
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    Looks like a Pappilion, and maybe chihuahuha Mix. Really cute tho! Lol and if people ask you what breed she is , just do what i do say "shes a pure mix" Lol :D

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