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    8 month old peeing EVERYWHERE

    I have an 8 month old border collie mix named Bean, that we rescued from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old. We also have a 2 year old black lab named Jack. Both neutered. We crate trained both dogs, and Jack has no potty issues. He never has accidents in the house.

    Bean however, has major issues. The crate training was successful in the sense that he doesn't have accidents at night, or in his crate. (Although he did at first. He used to pee in his crate and then drink it!! Ugh!!) The problem is that even with a regular feeding and watering schedule he will often just pee wherever he is even if he was taken out 30 minutes prior. He also doesn't indicate a need. Ever. The other night we were watching a movie and he had been taken out about an hour earlier. He was curled up by our feet on the floor, and he just peed while laying there. Didn't even stand up, before or after.

    This morning as I was (calmly) putting his leash on to take him outside he peed on my foot!

    I am about at the end of my rope here, he is destroying our carpet, and I am at a loss. We've crate trained, click-trained, and did the bells by the door. He simply won't let us know when he has to go, and it seems fairly random where he will go for a few hours between potty breaks and then suddenly pee 30 minutes after going out.


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    Try praising him as he's peeing outside. Assign a word to the action each time he does it. For example, say "Empty, good empty" each time he does it outside. With this technique, I had my dog peeing on command within a few days. If the problem is still persistant, there may be an underlying medical problem. But 8 months is still pretty young and he will most likely out grow it. Just be patient.

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    Thanks for the ideas. He already pees on command. It's not a problem getting him to go when he's outside. He knows the spot, and he goes on command right away. The problem is that he doesn't let us know that he needs to go out. He always goes when we take him out.

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    The urination while lying down with no interaction from you is a huge red flag for me.

    Please have a vet do a blood and urinary work up on your puppy. I suspect he has a physical issue that may be causing his problems.

    The urination when you are leaning over the dog or touching his collar could be submissive in nature.

    What exactly do you do with the dog when he makes a mistake in the house?

    Do you go with him and reward him for his outdoor potty behaviors?

    This is a tricky situation, you clearly understand how to housetrain a dog, and this dog is not responding. I would look in the direction of a physical explanation first, and if there is none there, I'm not sure what to tell you.
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    again the above post rings true for me. I have never saw a dog that would lay in their own urine. Have the dog checked out by a vet. If everything comes back normal then I would seek professional advice.
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    You've obviously trained him very well, and are very caring and interactive with him. The fact that he isn't telling you when he needs to suddenly go, makes me wonder if even he knows or is aware when he needs to go suddenly.

    I agree that you need to have a vet examine him and rule out any medical problems. Including what is called an "overactive bladder" in humans. (Do dogs have such a condition???)

    Good luck, and keep us posted.
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    My 7 month old is also peeing everywhere

    I am having the exact same problem with my border collie, sheltie cross rescue pup. I have had her since 12 weeks and she always goes out side as well but it seems she has to go all the time and she never lets me know when she needs to go either.

    I take her outside about every half hour when I'm home and praise her when she pees but if I take my eyes off her at all in the house she pees and it's often on her bed or on my sister's dog's bed when I'm at her house.

    She is crate trained also and rarely pees in the crate which makes me think that it is a behavior issue rather than a physical one. Why can she make it 8 hours in the night but not for 30 minutes when I'm home?

    She also pees submissively whenever she meets a new dog that is bigger than her so I always have introductions outside.

    Any suggestions??



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