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    Hello from the 'High Desert'

    Hi all,

    There were gremlins meddling with my attempts to post a couple of weeks ago, and I never got an "introduction" posted up. If you're reading this, you'll know Kerry got the gremlins back in their cages, and I'm finally here! :)

    So, here's my intro. Well, my "kids" anyway. :wink:

    I share my home, life and heart with my 2 girls:

    Missy, the Shih-Tzu who knows she's in charge, and
    Taffy, the 14 lb. long-haired Chihuahua, who had to grow as big as her sister!

    Missy has always looked out for her little sister, Taffy, and has always protected her. On the rare occassions I've had to kennel them, Missy always stands guard in front of Taffy to be sure Taffy stays safe and no one harms her. Missy is 13 and Taffy is 10.

    My girls and I also share our home and lives with 2 cat companions:

    Marmaduke, aka Marmie, an gorgeous dark orange marmalade who has always lived up to his name is 17 and still runs and chases with the "kitten", and

    Smudge, the kitten I inherited a year ago with the house I'm living in now. Apparently the previous resident moved off and left a momma cat who was obviously nursing when she first showed up on my doorstep about a week after I moved in. Another week and she started bringing around this little ball of fur with a huge, fluffy tail. When she was obviously weaned, Smudge came in the house to stay & momma cat (already pregnant again) I took to someone who could care for her, have her spayed when appropriate, etc.

    So that's my family. Me? Well, I love animals (grew up with horses and many other animal critters), and am most at home in nature. I finally moved out of the big city just over a year ago and now live in the 'high desert' area, but at least there are trees, open spaces, mountains (well, Arizona mountains!) and rabbits, squirrels and quail wandering through my yard. Not only am I just outside the mile-high city of Prescott, but I can see Mingus Mountain and the San Francisco peaks from my computer room/office window right here at home!

    The rest of my life, which keeps me busy, is Writing and my work as an Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor (aka psychic/mystic), Healer, and making Mala Beads. Among many other thing. :)
    Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)

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    Welcome Juanita!
    It is wonderful to have you here.
    FINALLY! :)

    Please note that you have admin priveleges.
    Please feel free to use them when appropriate!



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