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    I real surprised that you havn't heard about hydrotherapy as a rehabilitation for our canine friends, it's becoming very popular over here in the UK. Its been used on horses for years, so why not dogs? Studies are going on right now into the beneficial effects in post surgical dogs recovering from cranial cruciate ligament disease, hip dysplasia and many more ailments.
    After just 8 sessions my dog muscle bulk and tone has increased to provide stronger support in his bad leg. This now means I can now walk him further and I've even let him off his lead for the first time in a year with no sign of limping afterwards. He still has a long way to go but I never thought I'd see him running around with his mum and sister again so what a thrill when he did.
    The cost of two sessions aweek is £40 but thats a small price to pay if he makes a full recovery and leads a long and happy life.

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    That does not seem like a lot of money at all when you can see the results.
    I researched a little here and there are very, very few places doing anything like it. In regards to animals, the US always seem to be light years behind many other countries. They are strill docking tails and ears here!


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    You are right. My friend`s newfie had his hips replaced when he was younger, but now he has to keep going back for the hydrotherpy just to keep him going, I think I will continue with the walking and glucosimine and chondroitin.



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