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    Washington: Stop Deadly Horse Race (Scheduled for August 11t

    Washington: Stop Deadly Horse Race (Scheduled for August 11th-14th)

    Each year, a rodeo in a small Washington town boasts its main attraction - "The World-Famous Omak Suicide Race." Over a span of four dark nights, riders repeatedly send horses off "Suicide Hill" with a 120-foot full-galloping start, plunging blindly more than 210 feet downhill, at a slope organizers have boasted is an "almost vertical...62 degree angle." At breakneck speed the horses then plunge into the Okanogan River. After a panicked swim more than a football field in length, the horses face a final, grueling uphill sprint.

    Horses forced to participate in the race, many "on-loan" for the event, have suffered heart attacks from over-exertion, broken bones from collisions and shocking tumbles, and horrifying death by drowning. Indeed, there have been more than 20 documented deaths in this race. In 2004, three horses were killed in the first heat alone. The number of horses killed during unofficial practice runs is not even documented; therefore, the fatality rate could well be even higher.

    Your help is needed to make 2005 the last year for this cruel and unnecessary race. For more information, updates and history of the race, action alerts and contact information for government officials and corporate sponsors of the event, please see their website for more info:

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    How Sad!!!!

    [color=blue] :( I just read your letter and i think that its horrible! I can't believe people actually do that! i'm really glad that you are trying to make this horrible "sport" stop. Thank you.

    with lots of thanks,

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    Everyone, please click on the link and decide which action you would like to take.

    Also, if you follow the link to the History of the Race and follow the link there to Roots in Native American Tradition, you will get the full story. When I first read the article, I was under the impression that the PRCA was the organizer of this event.



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