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    adult male dog has started peeing in the house!

    My six year old adult neutered male std poodle has started peeing in the house. It took us a while to catch him in the act as we also have an 8 year old female spayed std poodle and weren't sure who the offender was. So far, he's restricted his misdeeds to the tiled kitchen and family rooms. Any ideas on solving this problem? The dogs have unrestricted access to our backyard. Generally the female prefers the back porch in the cooler weather and our male tends to prefer to be inside with me. He's a bit of a couch potato, though he's of normal (and maybe on the thin side of normal) weight and can be very active at times. Could this be a medical problem?

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    is he neutered? if npt, this could be territory marking.
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    yes he has been neutered since before he was one years old.

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    Has anything changed? A new pet in the house, a visiting pet, a new baby, a divorce? I know you said that he has free access to the yard, but just in case perhaps you should also check with the vet to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions....

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    I am having the same problem. We got a new dog (Lady) and after 1 week Theo (old dog) started to poo and pee in the house. :? Is there anything we can do to make Theo stop or do we have the start ptty trainig all over again?
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    Our dog has stopped thankfully, at least for the last few days. I took both dogs to our city doggie park several days in a row. I felt the behavior was acting out related to boredom. I used to take them daily to the park but lately haven't. Hope this helps!



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