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    border collie mix

    this may seem like an odd question, but i was curious if any one has any clue what others breeds might be mixed in with my new border collie puppy cooper. the mother was all border collie, and they never found the dad (he was a rescue pup).

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    HES SOOO CUTE!! I JUST WANNA HUG EM!! Lol..oh and i dunno about the question, but maybe some shepherd, or bernese montain dog, rottweiler. I dont think he got that big cute head from a border collie.
    ChArLiE aNd ZoEy LoVe YoU!

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    It is so hard to tell when they are that young. When he is a year or two it will be a lot easier. Maybe some sheltie?

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    let me av a cuddle he looks so flufy to me he looks like he,s mixed with a sheperd

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    I don't know but he looks very cute! :lol:
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    He is really,really cute! :D
    I`m not sure about the breed but maybe mixed with a labrador.
    Animals always become best friends.

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    That pup looks very border collie to me, but then again, border collie is not really a look, it is an attitude. You will find that out as he gets a little bit older. If the mother was all border, I bet he will retain a lot of her characteristics. Was she working stock?

    You may really like the Border Collie rescue board... well it is more like a support group.

    Congrats on your new addition and remember to always be positive. ENJOY.


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    X Breed

    When I was lucky to find my Mickie, I was told that he was part Border (no question) & part Sheltie (big question). This was supposedly the info that the "breeders" gave to the person that I bought him from, but the "breeders" ended up having their operation closed for puppy mill like practices. Many people's opinions & some research turned out 2/3 Border & 1/3 Springer Spaniel.
    Your dog's eyes are the key & they have a snow/sled dog shape like Samoyed, Malamute or similar breed. No matter what you find out, enjoy your new best friend.
    Keep us posted.

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    Re: X Breed

    Quote Originally Posted by J_I_F
    Your dog's eyes are the key & they have a snow/sled dog shape like Samoyed, Malamute or similar breed.
    That's funny, I was just gonna say, he looks like he has Samoyed in him :) But I have only owned Samoyeds so I don't know much.



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