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    Introducing my cats to my dog

    My wife and I just adopted to little kittens and I had some questions for you guy's.

    One of them is already used to us after 5 days. She plays with us, follow us around she even plays with our young pup (9 month old). the other is still afraid of us and makes SHHHHH sound when my family (exept fog the dog) approaches her. She lets us take her and pet her but she does not look comfortable with it. Is it normal? Is there anything we can do to make her feel at home?

    one more thing,
    As I mentionned in the message I also have a dog. He is not fully trained yet but I intend to bring him to obedience courses. when we are at home the dog plays with the little kittens and they look like they are all having fun. They do not seem to mind him cause wen he leaves they follow him everywhere. Sometimes my dog palys a little rought, although I do not think that he is urting them I am affraid he will hurt them if I leave them unatented. My question is should I leave them alone and free in the house when I go to work or should I separate them until the cats are old enought?

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    dog and cats

    I suggest letting them play when u are home, but when no1 is in the house, keeping them in seperate rooms. If this is gong to be a large breed do i suggest teaching him to play nicely.
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    These kittens should definitely - DEFINITELY - be separated from the dog when you are not home. Think of the weight difference alone. Your puupy just falling on one during some play moves can be enough to hurt or kill them. Watch and supervise their play in teh early stages until the cats are big enough to defend themselves or get away if they need or want to.



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