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Thread: Crack in tank

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    Crack in tank

    I have a twenty nine gallon tank that was given to me last year and was just sitting in my basement. Well, yesterday I thought I would take it out, clean it and put it in my son's room since it also had it's own stand. Well I brought it upstairs to clean it in the bathtub when the top part that goes around the glass on the top fell off when I grabbed it and the tank hit the bathtub. Now I saw that there was a crack on the left hand corner and it was leaking from there. Now my question, is it worth it to try and fix it, or could it start leaking from there again? I do have hamsters and thought if I can't use it for fish I can use it for them. I don't want to end up having twenty nine gallons of water on my floor. I guess it would be better just to buy a new tank right? I'm just a little upset with myself because I had all the accessories for the tank and this happened :( Anyway, thanks for getting this far.

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    if it has a crack in it you'd be better off replacing the glass that's cracked or the whole tank. Never use a tank thats cracked for fish because the crack would've made the tank week

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    Id say but the same size tank and all the accesories will fit, and use this one for hamsters.Its great for hamsters cuz they dont get there bedding and food all over the floor
    ChArLiE aNd ZoEy LoVe YoU!

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    If using for a rodent, just make sure to tape the crack WELL. On both sides as it can cut a rodent even though it looks like a small crack.

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    I agree with the rest, don't use it for an aquarium.
    It's cheaper to buy a new one.
    But for the hamsters, you might want to buy some silcone glue, at your nearest aquarium store and glue the rim back on.
    This will help because with a hamster you want a screen top to hold them in.
    Never use a glass top or the plastic tops used in a lot of aquariums, that'll cut the air flow off and the poor thing will sufficate.
    When switching the hamster to the tank, you'll also want to either buy or make another tier for the hamster to go on.
    This can be made out of cardboard or metal.
    Just make sure that the crack isn't big enough for the hamster to get out also, they are well known for being escape artists.
    :D :D :D

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    thats right a little crack is the dangerous thing. if you put those aquarium with a lot of people around, it can blow up when the aquarium can't hold on much preasure of water. you better use it for a hamster or spider, :)
    dont filled again with water is dangerous my friend. :)

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    they will kill eachother!

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    A little crack will harm any of your pet. You better replace the tank with new one. :)

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    defo replace

    I had the same problem and made the costly decision of replacing the tank. Didnt want to take any chances and I used it for fish by the way. The cack was mall and at the top but im sure it was getting bigger.
    I agree with most here and suggest a new tank!!
    Good luck



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