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Thread: FEED

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    This message is for all horse owners!!!!! My nabours have 3 horses and I am taking care of them right now...... anyways she feeds them ONE bail of hay in the morning and another in the afternoon...... AND some days also Oats. I have asked my horse instructor and he has said she is over feeding them. As some of might have seen in my previous posts I am getting TWO horses and would like to know what most people on an average feed their horses. Thanks so much!!!
    :D meg :D
    Yorkshier terrier = 11 years old
    Airdale terrier = 2 years old
    Soon to be horse owner

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    Well it depends on the type of hay and the weight of the bales. Grass hay sometimes weighs very little. A person should feed a horse by weight. Hay is the MOST important part of feeding a horse. I see no problems feeding a Bale of grass hay a day to three horses. So what type of hay does your friend feed?

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    Overfeeding Horses

    It is a rare horse that can be forced to eat hay. In other words if there is more than the horse wants on the ground it will stay on the ground. It is easy to gauge how much to give a horse by observing the 'leftovers' for a few days. If there is a lot left over each day cut back the amount fed until you notice that there are only a few strands left.

    Even if you have the rare 'pig' of a horse it is ok - hay will never hurt them. It is important that a horse eat throughout the day to keep its gut moving and giving good quality hay if there is not enough grass is the best way to do it.

    For 'maintenance' considerations (so you don't have a lot of wet, manure filled hay on the ground) it is best to give it in smaller amounts throughout the day - that way they won't stand on some (and poop and pee on it) while they are eating the rest.

    About the oats - grain should be fed consistently (every day - we feed twice a day) or not at all unless the horse has some kind of stomach problem that requires oats only on occasion. A horse's stomach 'remembers' when it eats and gets upset if it doesn't get what it is waiting for.

    I think it is wonderful that you ask such good questions here but would like to suggest that you also go to your local farm store and buy one of the basic books on feeding and care - they may have suggestions that we haven't even thought of. If you don't understand something you read you can ask about it here (and maybe we will all learn something too!)

    When are you getting your horses? What kind are you getting? Will they be for riding?

    Sara Whalen
    Executive Director
    Pets Alive Inc.

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    Thank-you for the advice. right now i don't know what type of hay as of 3 weeks ago i didn't knwo there were different kinds lol!!!!!! Also when my family gets horses we are getting a quater horse ( we already bought on that is a quater orse/thourbread) also they will be ment for westren pleasure riding and my dad and i are bring our horses home some time in july.!!!
    :D meg :D
    Yorkshier terrier = 11 years old
    Airdale terrier = 2 years old
    Soon to be horse owner



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