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    Dogs and earthworms

    I googled it up, but just making sure, while weeding the flowerbed, my Collie decided she dislikes earthworms, and she ate two of them before I could catch her. my question is, are there any serious reprocussions for her or was it harmless?

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    my dog eats worms all the time especially after the sun has dried them out on the drive way. ewwwwww gross but it never has hurt him or made him feel bad
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    Ya, my dog has done it a few times, its gross but not harmfull. i brought my golden to an agility class and in front of a jump in the middle of the course he stops all of a sudden and eats a worm that was on top of the grass! ya it was a little embarassing for me, but it didnt do anything to her.
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