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    growling and barking husky????

    Last Saturday, My husband and I adopted a husy mix from our local shelter. He seemed wonderfully behaved and very loving. After getting him home, he got a little rough with my husband.. barking and growling and jumping. He had been fine with me but started to get the same way with me lastnight. We have a two year old and I am now a little concerned as to if he may hurt her on purpose or even by aqcident with his episodes. We have researched huskys and the general census is that the are very tender and affectionate. He is approx a year old and was neutered last week. Is he just playing around with his growling and barking or is he serious and should I be concerned? If anyone has any input or experience of any kind in dealing with these situations, please let me know. I would really appreciate it!!! :cry:

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    puppy daycare

    I have never delt with this personaly but i have heard that maybe taking him to an obidiance class or puppy daycare would help
    :D meg :D
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