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    Preparing JRs for a new baby

    My husband and I are planning for a baby in the next year or so and have two JRs; one is a female who is 6 and a male who is 5. They are both spayed/neutered. They are one of my biggest concerns with having a baby because everywhere I read it always says they aren’t good with children under 8. I have read all about different things we can do to prep the dogs, as far as baby smells, noises, etc. It would be great if there is someone out there who has experienced a new baby with a JR, first hand, especially since JRs are such a unique breed.

    A little about the dogs. The female is definitely the alpha. She is a little rougher than the male. She doesn’t bite but she plays rougher. The male acts like a puppy and is happy-go-lucky around kids (I have a 3-year-old sister who I have tried to have over as much as possible so they can interact with her). The female doesn’t really want to have anything to do with young kids because they can’t really interact with her they way she wants them to. They can’t play with her or pay attention to her the way she wants, so she just sort of ignores them. She has never been aggressive to my sister or any other young child, but she avoids them and walks the other direction if they are anywhere close. I’m thinking that because of this, I’ll have to get her used to all the smells and sounds of a baby, and NEVER leave them alone together (which shouldn’t be done anyway, with any dog), in case she ever was cornered for some reason, because I think she may become aggressive then, or if the child picks or pokes at her.

    I’m just worried that it’s going to be such a stress on the household trying to make these dogs and the child live together, and I’m hoping that someone out there who has this kind of experience can give me some pointers.

    Thanks everyone! :)

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    My personal opinion is that, since you have two dogs, they are already used to having to share your attention and affection. So bringing a baby in won't be as big of a shock as it would be to a single dog.
    All dogs are different. The overall breed personality may be that they don't do well with children, but there are always a few "oddballs" who do the exact opposite.

    You've already said that you weren't going to leave the baby alone with the dog (which is very important - I'm glad you already know that). I think that, as long as you are there to supervise any contact they may have and are prepared to reprimand the dog as soon as you see any behavior that you don't approve of, they will be fine. Just keep an eagle eye on them.

    But please keep in mind - this is just my personal opinion that I've based on previous experiences with friends and their dogs and kids.

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    Thank you, jennylynn. I appreciate your input on this. That’s actually something I hadn’t thought of. There are two of them (and they actually weren’t raised together so they had to make some adjustments already) so I suppose they may be a little more accepting when we bring yet another somebody into the picture. It will just be that much more work to not only have to watch a baby, but two dogs who act like children, as well! We’re really in for it.



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