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    Can I jog with a Chocolate Lab?

    Is it OK to take a Chocolate lab on jogs a few times per week? I jog for about 30 to 45 mintues, three times per week. I know that it's not good for some dogs to jog for that long, but does anyone know whether it's OK or even good for labs to jog with me?


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    Ya, unless the dog is older or has a medical condition, Jogging is great and fun for them, Labs love to run and love to please im sure any lab would love to jog a few times a day. (dont start jogging too early as a puppy start slower) Otherwise JOgging is great and a fun time for dog and owner my golden and lab love to jog and wait for it evrey day. Its really fun, But i suggest letting them go to the bathroom first, once we all were running and my golden smelled a good spot then came to a sudden hault, i fell flat on my face! Lol ( i was wearing rollerblades) lol im never trying that again.

    Well tell us how it goes
    Sheka :D
    ChArLiE aNd ZoEy LoVe YoU!

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    It's best not to jog with any dog under age 2, because their joints and bones are still growing and it could be damaging. It's also best to wait about 1 to 2 hours after mealtime to avoid bloating and whatnot.

    If your dog is over two years old, I'd say go for it! Labs are big eaters, and it can sometimes be hard to keep weight off of them, so if you can get your dog to enjoy jogging, all the better for you guys!

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    Running your dog...

    It is fine to run/jog a dog after a few years of age. Basically, like a child, you have to wait until the stop growing before you start to do long physical endurance type activities.

    The next part, is you have to condition the dog to be able to handle this type of exercise. You would not get off teh sofa and run a 1/2 marathon. Neither can a dog. You have to gradually start their distance. Try a beginner 5 mile training course with the dog. Hal Higdon has a few really good one like off the couch to a 10K.

    Your dog will enjoy the running, and honestly will do anything (including almost killing himself in the heat) if he thinks that makes you happy. Sometimes you have to think for them and make the appropriate decisions. You have to take food and water for them after a run (you have a power bar, right?)

    Read up on bloat, and other medical considerations before running your dog. I would also recommend getting hips checked proir to starting serious running.

    I know this sounds like a lot of stress and work, but it is for the best of your dog. All that being said... I had to leave my pup at home sunday on a 15 mile trail run because she hurt her paw pad saturday playing around after tubing all day. She would have loved it, almost a date for her because my buddy was bringing his German Shorthair too.

    Believe me, she was really mad at me when I left with the running gear and did not invite her. All said a dog is the best running partner you will ever find, bar none, but you have to be the person that makes it safe and easy for them.

    Have fun and good luck.

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