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    Dog acting funny

    For the past day my dogs will get up from nap laying on floor wheverever and walk like he has a itchy butt.....he kinda gets up fast and bends towards it while walking.....he seems in good health adn just had a vet cisit a few weeks ago.....any ideas?

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    dog acting funny

    This kind of behavior can be caused by many things from worms to impacted anal glands. What kind of dog do you live with, how old is he? Have you recently brought in a stool sample to a vet and if not, how long ago, if ever, was he wormed? Does he 'do his business' in your own yard or do you walk him where other dogs habitually go? is he a dog that needs frequent grooming? If you let me know the answers to these questions I can probably help you figure it out.

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    He is a very spolied 7 year old boxer as of today.......he had a stoll sample about a month ago.He only goes in our yard.......he got into the trash when my kids put some food in in before school and has had the "squirts" but they seem to be going away......he doesn't have any signs of worms in his stool that i can see.......if it doesn't improve i am calling vet on monday!!! Thanks for all your help....

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    Dog Acting Funny

    How many days ago did he get in the trash? Were there any bones (maybe from chicken) in there or any aluminum foil? Both these things could cause an impaction which might account for the 'squirts'. Has he had any normally formed stool since this happened? Is he eating ok? Is he acting any differently other than this 'checking out his tail' stuff?

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    he is acting nutty and normal as usual....he was in trash about 2 days ago......nothing else seems wrong except this fasination with his butt the past few days....i gave him a bath since he was rolling outside and he was having the squirts maybe he just needs clean......thanks again

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    only thing he got outta the trash was leftover mcdonalds.....

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    dog acting funny

    Being dirty doesn't normally bother a dog and if it did he would 'lick himself clean'. SOMETHING is bothering him if he continues to 'look at' his butt - he has no other way to TELL you that. It is wonderful that you are perceptive enough to see him doing this - many people would just shrug it off - but if he doesn't stop doing it by Monday OR if it gets more frequent this weekend call your vet ASAP.

    Please let us know how he is doing.

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    What did the vet tell you about it? The dogs might have pin worms.
    - Natalie and my precious Queensland Heeler



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