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    Broken Purrer! :)

    Hi I am new here and noticed that there are few posts. I am intrested in finding out why my male cat, when purring will begin to hack.? It does not always happen. Most of the time he will run off and hide under the bed. Sounds like he is going to throw up! Recently, if I can hold him while he is doing this and rub his throat it will subside. I just dont know what to think of it. Also, while I am thinking about it.. when he is eating if I walk into the kitchen where his food bowl is, he runs away? What is that? My female cat will just continue to eat! Plus, cant find a decent vet close by. The one I love the most is an hour away!



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    I am sorry I canīt help you with your problem :(

    You could just phone the vet, usually they have special times when you can talk to them about a problem on the phone...

    Good luck :)

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    See a vet for the first, it could be a lot of things I would guess.... The second could be that he associates the person entering a room with being caught doing something in the past and expecting punishment or a scolding. Some cats arr just skittish that way.



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