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Thread: Pet Poems

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    Thats beautiful, thank you Snipe
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    no problem, ^^,

    I really love that poem, it really touch my heart and always miss my pet dog "toy"..

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    Having a pet is one of the great joys of life. It can be very refreshing to interact with another species besides a human being. Animals seem to be a lot less complicated than humans. People find human interaction a source of anxiety can often take solace in a their cat or dog. Our pets have a unique ability to comfort us without saying a word. Somehow just being able to cuddle with them and look into their eyes is enough to make us feel better after a hard day.

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    I became more loving and more understanding when I had my first pet.

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    The joy you gave me is beyond comparable,
    The day I have you makes me leap for joy,
    The day you walked away is the day I lost my memory of you,
    Goodbye puppylove!
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    Jessie, I do so hope that this is just a poem and that you will never lose memory of your beloved pet. You will meet again, in due course. Keep those memories alive!

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    When Human Folk at table eat,
    A kitten must not mew for meat,
    Or jump to grab it from the dish,
    (Unless it happens to be fish).

    This is one of my favorite poem with a nice rhyming.
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