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    Looking for a Scottie

    If anyone knows of a young scottish terrier for adoption, please let me know!

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    Hi Kerryclair...Have you checked out I looked just alittle while ago and there are 42 available. I don't know your location but I am sure one would be close....

    Good luck finding a scottie :)


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    Yup, I look there all the time. I emailed about three of them, all three had been adopted already - which is a good thing!!!...and I mst say i looked at every other one of those scotties...and not one of them IS a scottie!! Most of them are SERIOUS mixes with maybe a teeny bit of scottie in them but most of what is being called a scottie is actually a schnauzer!!!!!!!

    Take a look! You won't believe it!

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    Well you are definatly right. I should have checked them out first..sorry about that.

    They really don't look full-blooded....

    Good Luck and I'll be scouting around to see if I can find anything for ya :)


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    Thanks April! Keep me posted! I am in no rush..but have had one in my life for fourteen years and this past year without one makes me yearn for another....


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    I'd offer to bring ya one if I picked one up--but my track record with that isn't what ya call real good. :lol: :oops:
    Anjie :)

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    Anjie you are so funny. Welcome to the new place.
    Everyone - this is Anjie, she is an animal control office in Massachusetts and she has the funniest animal stories you will ever hear. She cracks me up. She also rescued one of the worst rotttweilers in the world and brought him to me where he porceeded to eat the carpet, my furniture the walls and just about every other thing his teeth could sink into. I have forgiven her though and now he is the bestest bestest dog. :)

    Anjie also gave us all the avatars here (posted abot that in teh NEED HELP category) and is the owner/manager of
    THAT is a great website - check out their message boards. Nice bunch of ladies o'er there.

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    :oops: Every day is an adventure, I love my job, well most days I do. :) I'm glad Zack is now the bestest bestest dog. He is a cutie!
    The Ladies Connection is an ever evolving work in progress, but I enjoy helping it grow. :) We do indeed have a great group of ladies, and we have this one whacky admin who likes her Rotties a LOT! Oh wait--that'd be you.... :lol:

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    A post of sheer quality, many thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community.



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