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    HELP!!! Field Cocker Spaniel is underweight

    My field cocker spaniel is a 2 year old male, but he won't gain any weight. Is there something that I can do so the food he eats stick on him. I have tried giving him puppy food, cooking plain rice, giving him vitamins and appetite enhancing stuff during feeding time. He is underweight but that's all my vet says without a solution. Anyone got any advice?

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    Maybe get another vet. That is a ridiculous response from a vet IMHO. A dog that is eating normally and underweight? And he has nothing to suggest?

    How much do you feed him and what food?
    Have you tried giving him MORE food?

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    I give him Eukenuba puppy food for medium sized dogs because it is high in fat. I give him a full bowl at every feeding which is twice a day, but I even try to keep his bowl with food so he can pick as he pleases. But it appears that his appetite has decreased. I don't know what to do....

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    How much does he weigh exactly?

    How is his behavior otherwise? Is he still active and playful? Are his eyes bright or dull? Is his coat shiny and healthy looking or dull?
    Are you only feeding him dry food? I've heard mixed reviews about Eukenuba. I feed my Cocker Spaniel a brand called Natural balance. He gets two cups of the dry food a day, and an inch of the dog food roll, and he weighs about 22 pounds. Personally, I think that he looks skinny, but my vet (who I trust and respect very much) said that he's actually a good weight and is a happy healthy boy.

    Here's a link for Natural Balance, in case you want to check it out:
    And as far as putting weight on, a lot of rescuers that I know will feed cooked(steamed) white rice and cooked ground beef, as well as dry food, when trying to fatten up a dog.

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    Sorry for the delayed response...He weighs about 20-25lbs, but he even looks thin. I can actually see where his ribs end and tummy begins, I mean even the cages. He is still very playful, his coat is beautiful, and his eyes are not dull at all. I will try another vet as well as the rice and beef mixed with his food to see if that helps. Thanks for all the advice, it is appreciated.



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