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    Pomeranian puppy

    Hi! Our little pom, 2 months old:
    [url=][b][color=#0063dc]Malpom [/color][/b]pomeranian kennel[/url]
    [url=][b][color=#0063dc]Malpom [/color][/b]maltese kennel[/url]

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    Re: Pomeranian puppy

    If there was a hole litter of them I couldn't pick. They are so cute they look like wee,brown fluffballs lol.

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    Re: Pomeranian puppy

    The Pomeranian is a small toy sized dog. The head is wedge-shaped and in proportion with the body. cute dot i like it
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    Re: Pomeranian puppy

    OMG this one is soo cute!! Pomeranians rock! :D

    Got more pictures of this fluffy pom?

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    Re: Pomeranian puppy

    Wow! I love you dog because your little pom is so cute.

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    Re: Pomeranian puppy

    Adorable! What a sweetie.
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    Re: Pomeranian puppy

    You're 2 months old Pomeranian is so adorable and cute.



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