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    New puppy or not

    We have a 8 yr old female (maltese/cocker) that has a thyroid condition and recently went blind with SARD. She keeps to herself more than play with the 4 yr old now.

    We have a 4 yr old that is active and loves to play! (Shihtzu) She seems to help the other a bit to get around.

    We are considering a new puppy for the 4 yr old to play with and keep her company. We will ask the vet but we wonder if the 8 yr old would be neglected by both and mind?

    Your thoughts? especially if you have had this situation before...thanks! :)

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    As long as you pay extra attention to the 8 year old I would think she would be just fine as long as you did not let the puppy antagonize her. It might be better to contact a rescue and get a slightly older dog - maybe a year or two old, rather than a puppy though.

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    Yes, if you work with a rescue, they will usually have you bring your dogs out so that you can see how your potential adoptees interact with your current dogs. That way, you can pick a dog that will be a better fit for you, your dogs and your family.
    Good luck in your search. And I'm sorry to hear about your 8yr. old's condition.



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