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    Erection on a 2 year old fixed terrier mix??

    Hello all. We came home from a friend's place today, and our two terriers came up to greet us at the door. Our new male, a 2 year old terrier mix, rolled onto his back for a belly rub, and my girlfriend noticed he had a very pronounced erection.

    We were told when we got him that he was fixed. I checked more closely, and noticed that he still has his scrotum, although it doesn't appear to have any testicles in it. I was always under the impression that once a dog is fixed, the testicles cause a lack of testosterone, which would make an erection impossible. I also have never had a male dog before. When a male is fixed, are just the testicles removed? Or is the scrotum removed as well?

    He has not shown any behavior like mounting people's legs or our 3 year old female terrier (who is fixed), but I want to make sure.

    Thanks for any info.

    Bill Garrett

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    when a dog is fixed basicly whats left is an empty sack. I would think an erection would be possible. As long as he's not hurting someone or himself I wouldn't think it a problem.. so he just likes your friend allot :lol:
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child

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    Yes, when I had my Great Dane, he had a very visible..."flat sac". He was neutered, but the scrotum was still there - just flat as a pancake. :oops:
    And testies or not, it doesn't stop their little chapstick from poking out from time to time.



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