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    Agressiveness rehabilitation

    We live on the Navajo Nation where stray dogs are quite common. We have taken some in and are having difficulty with one. The animals stay in a fence and in the house. on a very rare occasion they might escape. This would not be a problem if the children and even adults in the neighborhood did not tease and torment them when we are not home and even when we are. One of the dogs is a rotty mix with only three legs. She has gotten to the point where she attacks the fence and I am sure that given the chance she will bite.

    I am looking for information about rehabilitation either a place to send her or literature that will help us. We can't change the attitude of the area we live in so we need to help her.

    We are no where near anyone who trains dogs so any information will help.

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    Thank you for taking in dogs that have no where to go. I hope that you can do something about the teasing, that is utterly dispicable and can create some serious emotional disturbances in dogs.

    As to a reference I would suggest that you contact the Best Friends Animal Sanctuay out in Utah. If they can't help they will likely know someone that can!

    Let us know please.

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    We occasionally have dogs who come from reservations in for a 3 week rehab process....
    I would suggest you very carefully and in great detail find out exactly what methods are used and what is to be accompllished as all trainers have different approaches..

    you may find this link helpfull
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