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    Rescue and Adoption

    Copied with permission from the author, Lynx

    For those who wonder "Why Adopt?":

    Why should you adopt an animal, you ask? It is so much more than simply giving a rescued animal a home.

    Reputable rescues:
    • * Are familiar with the health of the animal and generally treat for parasites and other common conditions.
      * Know something about the animal's personality (this is so much more important than looks)
      * Can provide you with care information.
      * Can help you decide if a specific animal is the right pet for you.

    • * Rescued animals are older and have problems.

    The reality:
    • * Rescued animals are less likely to come to you ill, more likely to be friendly, have been handled more, and come in all ages.

    What you're likely to find at a pet store:
    • * Unknowledgeable staff (sales of small cages and inappropriate foods are common)
      * Mixed sexes in the store and inaccurate sexing of smaller animals like guinea pigs sold (often leading to unexpected and risky pregnancies in very young guinea pigs)
      * Ill animals (no disinfecting between shipments; lack of interest in health of animals [too costly]; frequent respiratory infections)
      * Dangerous medical advice

    One has no idea where pet store animals come from -- pet mills, breeder rejects, unexpected pregnancies from customer's pets. In all these cases, medical problems are common.

    The average new pet owner has no idea how quickly an animal can go downhill. He/she may not realize how important veterinary care is to the health of a pet. Most rescues will not only provide a wonderful relatively healthy pet, but will make sure you understand how to keep that pet healthy.

    So check out a rescue! You'll not only be doing a wonderful thing for a homeless animal or two, but you're more likely to get a pet to love and cherish for years to come! -- written by Lynx


    So do you want to adopt?
    Websites like Petfinder are a great place to start when looking for a local rescue. There are rescue organizations out there for every species of animal; from animals as big as horses to animals as small as mice, and everything in between. Most rescues will bend over backwards to help you find an animal that is right for you and fits into your lifestyle.

    You can also check out your local city pound or places like the SPCA. You'll be surprised at the wonderful, beautiful animals that you'll find there! :wink:

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    Thank you!

    We have two articles on AnimalForum that are also worth a read:
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