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    I am so sorry to hear all that Kerry. I feel terrible that I may have given you false hope.

    I would urge you to contact a couple of people re: diet and herbal help for Zack:

    1) Lew Olson

    Lew is a pesonal friend, you can tell her I told you to contact her. She is an expert on raw feeding, and can advise you on how to tailor your diet for zack.

    2) I also urge you to contact Marina Zacharias for herbal advice. She has helped many people and prolonged the lives of many dogs.

    Please keep us posted on how he is doing.
    Redyre Rottweilers
    "Penny" U-CH Eternal Moon Finders Keepers
    "Didds", TT * "V-"PeeWee" BH AD IPO 1 TT
    Waiting at the Bridge...
    Best in Vet Sweeps, ARC Reg. IV Specialty, 9/01

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    It was not a false lead - please do not worry about that. I also heard back from Psyche and the person funding that study and they have emailed me diets and advice and have been really please - the advice you leant was great and I really appreciate it. Sara also put me in touch with a very good doctor and between all the advice of the people YOU sent me to, Sara's help, and this specialist, I have changed Zacks diet and hopefully that is going to help him at least slow down the metasis.

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    RedyreRottweilers - thank you for posting those sites! I intend to email them both. My dog Neka who is 8 just got diagnosed with thyroid condition and is on meds but recently she can't see and walking into everything. I take her to the vet today to see if it is cataracts or the thyroid causing it. Then I will email those 2 websites and see what they suggest for her diet etc. :D

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    Zack is recovering very well. We had surgery on him and he is involved with chemo and some other treatments right now. The biopsy revealed that MOST of his tumor was chondrosarcoma with just a few ostesarcoma cells, so there is some hope for him. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. here is a picture of him the day after I brought him home. He is so cute!

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    Aww, he looks like such a cuddle bug!
    I'm glad to hear that he's recovering! :D

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    Hes adorable! :lol: Glad to hear hes recovering well. Ill still have you in my prayers.

    Sheka, Charlie and zoey
    ChArLiE aNd ZoEy LoVe YoU!

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    Fingers crossed everything turns out ok. Thinking of you both, you must be going through hell right now :(

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    thats good that he is recovering very well and hope he will be with u much much longer kerry
    love them while u got them

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    Wow, this is so amazing. Your dog had a sickness you didn't think was curable, and just by posting here you might have saved his life. :o

    Anyways, I'm so happy Zack's getting better! I'll pray things turn out well for him. He looks like such a good dog. :D

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    Hugs and healing thougths to Zack and to you, Kerri. We wish the very best outcome for you.

    P.S. I am confused, though. It sounds like it turned out to be operable.
    You must have gotten another opinion. Good for Zack. He looks good.
    Hang in there.



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