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    2 Male rats need a home, p,ease take a look..Thanx

    :D hello, I have 2 male rats that need a good home. I am 15, so I have so much to do between school, a job, and a horse and other pets...They are real sweethearts, but I just don't have time for them anymore. They are about 1 and a half or 2...Their names are Jessie and Chester. Jessie is the more dominant and bigger one. He is all black with a white belly and white paws. Chester is smaller, he is all beige with a white belly also. They are brothers, but they do fight so we put them in seperate cages and they do fine. Please e-mail me at for more information!Thanx

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    rats are located WHERE?

    Hey, Rat boy! Mind telling me where you live? I am also a lover of rats. I am sorry you need to find them a good home, but I have been there too. I had to give away my last rats a couple of years ago. Luckily I found them all very good homes with kids who could give them a lot of attention. Anyway, let me know. If I can help I'd love to.

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    What city do you live in? Do a search on Google or on Petfinder and see if there is a rescue near you that will help you place your rats.
    Be VERY careful when placing them. I have heard many horror stories of people who claim to be looking to adopt rats as pets, only to turn around and use them for free snake food. You've got to be very careful when screening potential adopters for the small & furry-type animals.

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    hey iam suzy
    iam also 15 and care for orther animals. i have aslo 2 male rats and i am maybe thinking of adopting yours if you still have them and depending on where you live my mother and i would love to have your rats .and if i do get them they would be placed i side a 12 foot cage with many toys .and since they fight a diver would be put in the middle please contact me at
    thanx :D p.s (if they are not already they will be fixed)
    thanks for your time

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