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Thread: Nippy Puppy

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    Nippy Puppy

    Hi. We just purchased a black labrador puppy from our local Humane Society yesterday. She is about 8 weeks old and was brought in as a stray. We love her, however, she has a really difficult habit of grabbing and nipping for play. We will be walking and she will grab our leg and start nipping us. You sit on the floor to play with her and she will start grabbing at you with her teeth. Ouch! It hurts and she has already left tiny wounds from her teeth. I know we just got her but we really need to nip this in the bud (pun I guess) quickly. We are having people over in a week and need to try to curb this habit. Right now we just tell her no and slightly pop her under the chin. Please give us some advice. Thanks. Pet Lover R. :?:

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    There are many different schools of thought on curbing puppy biting. A method that i have used is to make a loud whimpering noise when the puppy nips and then to ignore..this is what littermates would do if the puppy was too rough.....another idea is to igonre the puppy completely when he nips, until he realizes nipping means i will be ignored....also it is important to never pet the puppy and reward him when he is nipping, for instance rubbing his belly while he gentley mouths you, all though he is being gentle and cute never reward a bad behavior. You have to remember that the pup is also teething and needs to chew so give him appropriate toys to do so.

    Good Luck and have fun

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    My dogs have always wanted to be near me. So if they do something bad I make them go away. They usually go sit in the corner and pout. THis lets them know that what they did was wrong and they won't be rewarded for it.
    Blessed Be

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