I think the Skunk won. At least it smells like it.yesterday my friend and I were camping in my back yard. around 2am Mia Mia decided to play with a skunk. Well I didn't actually see it cause I was about 40 feet away. I didn't know anything had happened until my friend said she smelled something. At that point Mia walked up into the light and I saw a yellow streak across her chest, yellow foam coming from her mouth (where it probably sprayed her in the mouth and she was trying to get the bad taste out of her mouth) and her eyes were red. I knew exactly what had happened then. So I run into the house to grab soap, doggie toothpaste, tooth brush and a towel. after the second bath she still smelled awful. Then I remembered the Mythbusters did a show about getting rid of skunk smell so I looked it up and mixed up some hydrogen peroxide, backing soad, and dish soap and slathered it on her. She still didn't smell to great to me but my mom said she couldn't smell it so I gave up since it was 3am at this point. yesterday my mom washed her head and I gave her another bath today. She is finally starting to loose the smell. Altho now she is breaking out on her chest and belly. I put some benadryl cream on her so hopefully she will be ok. I plan to give her another bath in a few day but with her regular oatmeal dog shampoo. Hopefully it wont make her break out any more.